Why me as your photographer?


Would I be right for you?


It may sound crazy but I am not going to say I am everyones photographer - for me it's about having a connection and my clients being happy and relaxed when I am shooting them. If I have their trust and confidence in my abilities they can be themselves and I can capture them images that they will treasure. That means that not everyone is my client and that for some another photographer may be for them in terms of how they work or their style of photography.


So why would you choose me over all the other photographers out there? I am a professional, trained, full time photographer, fully insured and I pride myself on my capture of light. Natural light is my passion however faced with some of our weather conditions I will use flash when required. To quote one of my clients 'Tracy has the technical ability to make a storm look like a lovely day!'.


I have back up equipment (and back up of the back up!) and I also have a circle of colleagues who I trust to stand in for me if I am ill (its only happened once in 12 years! but good to have a back up).





I love my work! I have come to photography later on in my career and I was able to when I became a mum to our three children. Its been twelve years now (the last six have been full time) and I am very grateful to have a job I love so much and that brings happiness to my clients.


I am very passionate about my work - every image is special and I will go to extremes at times to get the images! - lots of my clients remember me for being on a ladder!!!. The images I shoot are very personal to me and I want them to be to my clients as then I have done my job. This means I enjoy getting to know the people I am shooting and to understand any concerns that they may have being photographed and working with them to eliminate these. I love when I get to work with clients through the years and to help them celebrate all those special milestones.


Whether its a newborn baby or a wedding , a childhood capture or a moment between parent and child - they are all unique and fleeting and the images that I capture will mean they can treasure those moments forever. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing my clients smile when they see their images displayed at home or in the office, in their day to day lives :).


My aim is to capture in camera rather than doing lots of extra photoshop work in my post processing, so I have trained hard to know the right angles to shoot from, use of light source and the flattering poses that will show my clients off to their best.

That said post processing of the images does take time and I check each one individually to make sure it is at its best before I sneek peek or show the final set of images to clients.

I also invest time in pre meets for weddings and pre conversations for shoots so that I am familiar with family members/or who I am shooting and can get the best from them on shoot day!

Its not just turn up on the day and shoot for X minutes - my work starts well before the shoot and ends after much attention to detail of the final images, a viewing, client selection of their images and then making sure the final product that they choose is perfect!


Thats still not why though! the main reason is that you want a friendly, relaxed, skilled, thoughtful, passionate, hard working, adapatable on the day, female photographer and that some of the things I have put here combined with seeing my work have clicked with you and make you want to find out more about what we could create together! If thats you then I look forward to speaking to you very soon!!

take care Tracy