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Aussie BBQ
Sunday, April 08, 2018
Aussie BBQ

Last weekend I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team from Aussie BBQ at the wonderful wedding of Jenny & Rob at The Reid Rooms!!! These are images of Jennet, Dwayne, their son Jacob and some of the rest of their team who let me photograph them at work providing the great choice of food from the big day. As well as looking amazing I can personally vouch for it tasting wonderful! as I was lucky enough to have a meal after I had finished my work for the day. If you are looking for some great caterers for your big day or a special celebration I can highly recommend these guys - their hog roast is also rather amazing!!! - this is at least the third time I have worked with ...

Headshots for your Social media
Saturday, March 04, 2017
Aussie BBQ

 Headshots for your social media profiles - do you need them? Looking online I came across this sentence which I think sums it up perfectly – ‘In a matter of seconds, your profile image provides an instant impression of who you are and what you’re all about without saying a word’. In a conversation with a marketing colleague recently she told me that the length of time spent on a profile without a photo was usually measured in seconds compared to minutes for those with a recognizable image of the profile owner and I understand that this is reflected with lots of research online. As a photographer I am a very visual person and with all the forms of ...

Learning to use your camera off auto!
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Aussie BBQ

Today I had a great class in the office teaching two lovely ladies how they can stop using auto on their cameras and start to get creative.  They each had a good SLR camera and extra lens but were not sure what it could do.During the teaching I run through lots of tips and the cameras functions and we also discuss lots of things on the actual composition of the images. In addition we spend time on the course getting everyone to use their own cameras and we learn how to find the right settings (there are lots of different cameras out there so bring your instruction booklet!) After lunch its shooting time and we practise lots of the teaching and create some images together.If ...

Little Impressions Lifestyle shoot
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Aussie BBQ

Recently I enjoyed visiting Sue and learning all about how she makes her frames of little ones hands and feet impressions.  I am the proud owner of two of her gorgeous pieces - we had to have the second one done when our youngest arrived!  I love looking at them and the kids enjoy comparing their hand size now to what it used to be!However even though I have these I had no idea of the amount of work she puts into each piece so that it is unique to you. Two lovely mummys agreed for me to photograph their sesssions so see for yourself the process and the final result.Meet Sue and some examples of her work.  As you can see you can include an image with your impressions and she ...

Mustard Seed Lifestyle shoot
Thursday, March 13, 2014
Aussie BBQ

A few weeks ago I was asked to shoot some promotional material for a great couple who run Mustard Seed - Katherine & Peter. This meant I got to go and spend time with them at home and to see them in action cooking and creating. Walking into their home is a pleasure - there is a very welcoming atmosphere and an anticipation of what you will get to taste!As well as learning the whole process is fun and excites you about food and all its posibilities. The class I photographed below was adults making pasta however there are lots of classes including ones for you and your children. I have been to one of these previously - Sausage making with your child.  It was alot of fun however I was ...